While it’s common to seek a mentor when you start your first job as a lawyer, it can benefit you to find a mentor much sooner. In law school, having someone to guide you and provide you with insight can help you make better-informed decisions about your education. Your mentor can help you choose a curriculum that will prepare you for the type of law you want to practice, and they can help you avoid common mistakes. These tips can help you find a mentor.

Check With Your School

You may already have a mentoring program available to you. Check with your school’s alumni office or inquire with the career services office to find out if the school does offer mentoring services. If the school has a pre-law club, there may be mentors working with that group as well. You may also want to check with your advisor or instructors since they may know more about the school’s services.

Attend Networking Events

If your school hosts events intended to help students network with alumni, this could be an opportunity to network with a former student. Alternatively, attend professional events in your community. This is a great way to network with established attorneys in the area. As you talk with them, you can understand which lawyers would be open to mentoring you.

Ask About Mentoring

You should also ask your classmates, friends, and other people in your community about mentoring opportunities. It can help to join law groups on social media sites as well. Connecting online with others in the legal field can help you find an attorney who would be interested in mentoring you. Since this provides the opportunity to reach people in other geographical areas, you may want to specify that you’re looking for a mentor in your area.

Once you find a mentor, it will be up to you to maintain contact with them. Unless you run into a problem or issue, you only need to meet with your mentor once per month. You should schedule those in-person meetings in advance to ensure you will both be available. You can also contact your mentor via email or phone when you need their guidance.