If you’re preparing to start your career as a lawyer, it won’t be long before you get your first day in court. You’ll want to make an excellent first impression as a practicing attorney, and you’ll want to perform well for your client. The key will be to ensure you’re prepared for that day by following these suggestions.

Prepare a List of Tasks

There are several things you’ll have to do to meet deadlines before the actual day of your court appearance. Creating a list can help you make sure you get everything done on time. Some things to include on this important to-do list include preparing witness interrogatories, writing motions you plan to make in court, and gathering any supplies, you’ll need for your court appearance. Be sure to check off each item as you go through your list.

Take Time to Inspect the Courtroom

The day your trial begins shouldn’t be the first time you see the courtroom in which you’ll be working. You should tour the courtroom before your court date to inspect the lighting, the general setup, and the technology available for use. In some courtrooms, you’ll have access to advanced technology to help you put on a better presentation. Otherwise, you may have to bring your laptop or other equipment to help you present your case.

Review Your Case

When you walk into the courtroom to begin the trial or hearing, you should be thoroughly familiar with your case. Before your court date, you should review everything you have that’s related to the case. This includes witness statements, depositions, pleadings, and other documents that have been filed with the court in this matter. Additionally, you should review past cases with similar issues that were tried in your same jurisdiction. Doing some additional research will help you prepare for any unexpected turn of events that may take place during the trial.

In addition to following these suggestions, you can minimize the performance anxiety you experience by rehearsing in front of a mirror. You should also try on the outfit you’re planning to wear to ensure it fits well. Wearing a comfortable outfit will give you a confidence boost to help you have a more successful day in court.