Congratulations, as an aspiring attorney, you’ve graduated from college and now find yourself a step closer to reaching your career goal. The next step for you is to choose the right law school for the type of law you want to practice. There are many paths you could take, so choosing a law school tailored to your interests is something you’ll want to do ahead of time. To help you make this important decision, here is a list of some of the top law professions you could pursue with your J.D.

Antitrust Law

If you are passionate about protecting consumers from shady business dealings, then a career in antitrust law might be right for you. This legal career path offers a broad range of possibilities, from civil and criminal law to regulation and enforcement.

Civil Rights Law

The issue of civil rights has dominated the news lately, and it does not show any signs of slowing down. You could consider a career as a civil rights lawyer if you are committed to ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect under the law.

Mediation/Dispute Resolution

A mediation attorney sits down with the parties in a case and helps them come to an agreement satisfactory to both that will resolve the case before it gets to Court. This not only reduces the Court’s workload, allowing the Court to hear other cases promptly, but it also reduces Court costs. A win-win for both sides.

Appellate Attorney

Parties have the right to appeal their case to a higher court if they feel that it was not decided correctly. Appealing a case from a lower court requires the special skills of an appellate attorney. Having superior writing skills is a necessity when submitting appellate briefs and other court-related documents.

Criminal Law

If you do well when the stakes are high, and the pressure is on, then a career as a criminal defense lawyer or a criminal prosecutor may be the correct path for you. The outcome of a criminal case can determine whether someone is sent to jail or let go.

Many more legal careers await you and your J.D. The key to legal career success is careful thought, meticulous planning, and thorough research—best of luck in whatever legal career path you choose.