Your law school interview can seem like a very intimidating experience, but you’ll go into the interview feeling more confident if you’re better prepared. Much of the anxiety you feel will go away when you know how you’ll conduct yourself in the interview. This includes practicing everything from your posture to your tone of voice. Additionally, these tips will help you be better prepared for the experience.

Practice Common Questions

No matter which law school you plan to attend, there are certain common questions the interview panel asks you. You should clearly articulate why you want to be a lawyer, why you have chosen that particular school, and what your dream job is as a future attorney. There may be other questions that a specific panel of interviews asks, so you should try to talk to current students at the school. They may give you tips for preparing for other interview questions.

Prepare Your Own Questions

As with any interview, the interviewers will close the session by offering to answer any questions you may have about the school. Declining to ask anything can imply that you don’t care about getting admitted, so it’s a good idea to ask two or three questions. You might ask if the school offers tutoring or any academic support to its students. You can also ask why the school’s graduates stand out to potential employers. It may be a good idea to ask about the accessibility of professors.

Practice Your Technique

Once you have a list of answers and questions, you should practice answering them. One method is to sit in front of a full-length mirror. This will let you observe your posture and expressions as you go through the interview. A better option is to ask a friend to conduct mock interviews with you. They can provide you with feedback in addition to helping you practice your professional demeanor.

You should also consider what you’ll wear to the interview since first impressions are partly visual. Instead of buying something new and trendy, choose an outfit that fits you well and looks good on you. You should also choose your best-fitting undergarments. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, you’ll feel more confident in yourself.