Whether they are traditional students in full-time classes or non-traditional students attending night and weekend courses, law school students are incredibly busy individuals. Luckily, podcasts provide an opportunity for everyone to consume new and valuable information no matter where they are. Check out these great podcasts that highlight current legal issues for attorneys or students on the go.

Opening Arguments

Opening Arguments is a great choice for practicing attorneys and students alike. Forming educated and informed opinions about laws, court cases, and current events is difficult, but these hosts break down a chosen topic each week and break them down for you. Using factual information and a neutral presentation (though they make their personal opinions known), Opening arguments provides the tools and information needed to form an opinion and win an argument.

ABA Law Student Podcast

Unlike Opening Arguments, the ABA Law Student Podcast is directed specifically at students and recent graduates. It covers everything from the BAR exam and choosing a field of specialty to student loan management and life post-degree.

The Law School Toolbox Podcast

This podcast is also geared specifically to students – especially those in their 1L year. Much like the ABA podcast, it covers a wide range of topics encompassing academic success and personal life matters. However, there is also a much larger emphasis on actual skills and abilities that law school is intended to develop in a future attorney.

Thinking Like a Lawyer

The Thinking Like a Lawyer podcast provides relatively short episodes easily digestible in the car or on the go. Each episode takes one topic from the news or society as a whole and analyzes it from a legal standpoint – giving you examples of how case precedents and relevant terminology can be used to form educated opinions.

The Digital Edge

Unlike some of the other podcasts listed here, the Digital Edge is relevant to every single current or aspiring lawyer out there. Hosted by fellow attorneys, this podcast centers around exploring technology and its evolving role in the legal process. Episodes are relatively short, but they cover everything from new technology meant to make lawyers’ lives more accessible to new cases and laws that alter the landscape for technology used both in and outside the courtroom.