The study of law, while challenging, can be the source of much satisfaction. Choosing law school means committing to a life of serving your community. You’ll have much to learn if you want to understand justice and how it develops over time.

If you’re new to law school, you might feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, you can read books that will prepare you to step into the world of law.

Some of the best books for law students include:

Full Disclosure: The New Lawyer’s Must-Read Career Guide, Christen Civiletto Carey

A handy read for beginning lawyers, Full Disclosure offers advice that will get you through the first years–but which will also be useful in the future. It answers questions that you might be afraid to ask, such as courtroom etiquette and dating within the firm.

Law 101: Everything You Need to Know About the American Legal System, Jay Feinman

A bestselling classic, Law 101 provides an overview of the legal system. Its latest edition includes recent developments on important subjects such as religious freedom and presidential powers. This book is a valuable tool to brush up on the ever-changing legal system and how it serves everybody.

Thinking Like a Lawyer: A New Introduction to Legal Reasoning, Frederick Schauer

Legal reasoning can be heavy. Thinking Like a Lawyer breaks down different aspects of the process and helps you to find solutions. Making the best decision as a lawyer is an art; this textbook will help you understand the essentials.

The Elements of Style, William Strunk Jr., E. B. White

In law, it’s important to be able to express yourself. The Elements of Style will help you to articulate your thoughts on paper. It offers universal advice guaranteed to improve your writing.

The study of law continues over the course of your life. Don’t let this discourage you; it’s a thrilling journey. With books to guide you on the way and most of all, the will to learn, you’ll have a promising career.